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Data loss is never a pleasant experience, 99% of the time it happens suddenly and leaves people with very limited options. One of the more secure option is to find professional help. Hard drives and other media carriers such as memory cards, usb sticks, and “new kids on the block” – SDD drives can all develop issues, problems, and trap your data on them while becoming inaccessible. These failures can be logical and physical. File system crash, firmware issues, and file corruption are the signs of logical failures for media storage devices. Physical problems are associated directly with mechanical or electrical malfunctions of the above mentioned devices. Trying to recover data from malfunctioned drive is not a task that should be treated lightly. Seeking for professional expertise in data recovery filed should be the first thing on the list if your hard drive or any other media storage device becomes inaccessible.

Why should you contact us for data recovery in Halifax?

Finding a right place for help is the key to successful data recovery in Halifax. Combination to our teams success is deep understanding of hard drive mechanical functions and architecture as well as industry leading state-of-the-art tools. Over the years our experts had been developing tools for specific and general data recovery procedures that we use on day-to-day bases. Equipment and knowledge are the things that establish how well prepared the data recovery firm is to handle your case. People that contact us for data recovery are guaranteed to get nothing but the best service, including:

  • Fast and reliable services with 4 business days turn around time
  • 24/7 Hot line services for emergency cases
  • No diagnostic fees, or any other hidden fees of any kind
  • Free detailed quote based on the results of evaluation
  • No Data – No Fee policy
  • One of the highest success rates in the industry
  • We recover what others could not:

Breakdown of Data Loss Causes


To make data recovery effective – get reliable service provider

One very important thing should be noted is if your hard drive stops working, and you can not risk losing data, you need to stop using this drive to avoid any possibility of further disk damage. Any attempts of DIY recovery usually lead to complications, and potential permanent data loss. So, in case you lost access to your hard drive or business computer, contact Data Recovery Halifax before it’s too late. We provide free consultation on all your data recovery needs.


I don't even want to think about what would have happened if it wasn't for your services. I am forever grateful, and I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.
-Erin Tweel
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