CF Card failed? Recovery is Possible

Compact flash data recovery services are a must have, especially when you have just lost memorable pictures that you treasure dearly. Professional journalists and photographers know the importance of this service only too well, as they have been faced with massive loss of data at least once or a couple of times.

Besides the commonly used SD cards, compact flash cards are also a popular storage option. They permit you to enjoy more music when using your preferred digital device and also give you more liberty to take as many pictures as you need. As a storage medium, the compact flash system is also susceptible to corruption that leads to data loss. Having the right data recovery service is therefore of utmost importance.

Why Turn to Us for Compact Flash Data Recovery?

There are many reasons for loss of data and these vary according to the user of the device. However, the following are just some of the common reasons why one would require compact flash recovery:

  • Corrupted Media Device
  • Lost Data
  • Unintentionally Deleted Data
  • Unattainable Drives

The best chances you have to recover all your data is by having a professional facilitate recovery. Recovery of lost photos is a sensitive matter and you must have the right tools and expertise to make sure that none of your data is completely lost. Our recovery specialists have years of experience working with flash media devices, and had become a leader in NAND chip recovery tactics. Consulting with a professional should be the first option when it comes down to compact flash recovery, and we believe that our team can deliver unmatchable results.

Steps to Take When You Have a  Corrupted Compact Flash Card

Whenever you notice that you no longer have access to the files on your CF card, there are certain steps you need to take in order to avoid permanent data loss.

The following are tips to ensure a successful compact flash data recovery:

  • Do not format the CF card before recovery
  • Avoid taking more pictures
  • Do not flex in or bend in while the card is in the card reader

Never format your compact flash card before successful recovery is accomplished. Some cameras have low profile formatting set as a default option. Low profile formatting will fill your card with zeros, overwriting previously existing data, and making in permanently gone. It will also be difficult to recover lost photos if you continue to use your camera, because you will be overwriting the data you want recovered.


I don't even want to think about what would have happened if it wasn't for your services. I am forever grateful, and I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.
-Erin Tweel
Tweel Photography