Lost Your Important Photos? Memory Card Recovery Is Possible

Are you looking for help with memory card recovery, because you’ve not been able to get your memory card to read on any device? It’s really a scary thing to think that you may have lost photos of important events in your life. It does not matter if you’ve taken pictures of your child’s first words, your best friend’s wedding, your retirement party, or even your wedding, the ordeal of having to go through the idea of losing those precious photos, never to be seen again is pretty frightening.
Lost photos, data and files can happen to the best of us. Maybe your new digital cam fell into the wrong hands, like your toddler’s. Or you may have had a momentary lapse of coordination and accidentally ended up deleting your photos. The chances are likely that we’re able to recover them, given that you haven’t written anything else on the SD card. As long as you haven’t put anything else on to the SD card after the deletion, SD card recovery for these files is very much possible.

Why choose us for SD card recovery?

  • free evaluation
  • No Data – No Charge
  • 90% success rate
  • 48h turn around on almost any flash memory card recovery

What sets Data Recovery Halifax apart from competition in lost photos recovery?

Our team can recover data from SD cards that had became completely inaccessible. Memory cards could get corrupt from bad power, electrical failures, and logical corruption to a point where they will not get recognized by any card reader, camera, or computer. So what can be done with such device you may ask? Today’s technology in data recovery industry allows us to go one step further from traditional methods. Data recovery Halifax division of HDD Recovery can recover data directly from NAND chips. This groundbreaking technique gives us ability to reassemble your lost memories directly from the source where the data is kept, bypassing any problem that may belong to the rest of the card design. 9 times out of 10 if your memory card is no longer recognized by the reading device the controller chip is at fault. Corrupted controller blocks off the access to the memory chips, so no software can even acknowledge that the card is initialized; therefore, no software will be to retrieve lost photos in this case. By removing flash memory chips of the memory card printed circuit board we bypass the failed controller, and use specialized equipment to reassemble the pattern of your data direct from dumps of the chips. This is the only way of retrieving data from SD card that is no longer recognized my reading devices.


I don't even want to think about what would have happened if it wasn't for your services. I am forever grateful, and I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.
-Erin Tweel
Tweel Photography