USB Stick Failure is a Common Problem That Can Be Solved

Our USB devices store data that we cherish, so when data loss occurs it is important to carry out an effective USB stick data recovery. The USB carries a lot of information, these may vary from vital business files to memories we keep in form of pictures.

A good data recovery service should be able to provide for a fast overhaul. Usually recovery is done as a same day service, however, damaged file systems and severe malfunction may take a while to recover. During such instances a few days are given to fully recover the lost data. Nonetheless, chances of partial or permanent loss of data are always a possibility.

Reasons for Loss of Data

USB devices are easy to use, most of the time many people ignore the simple usage and ejection tips that makes sure your data remains safe. Human errors are a big cause of data loss. The following are the common reasons for loss of data from your USB device:

  • Improper ejection of the USB device
  • Viruses
  • Damage to the file system
  • Corruption of software
  • Malfunction to the hardware

Simple instructions such as proper shutting down of the machine or properly ejecting the device could thwart data loss. Other factors such as hardware malfunction, virus attacks as well corruption in the software used, are major data loss causes.

How to Prevent USB Stick Failure

Prevention is better than cure; avoiding the headache of USB drive recovery saves time and resources. The following are ways to avoid loss of data and subsequent USB stick data recovery.

  • Use power surge protectors
  • Backup files
  • Keep your computer guarded against viruses
  • Store the USB properly

USB stick data recovery can be avoided all together by using preventative measures. Small steps such as keeping the USB in a safe location or protecting it by installing an anti-virus defense system goes a long way in ensuring that your USB is safe from data loss.

Finding a data recovery provider is easy. You however have to practice caution when it comes to selecting data recovery provider . Carefully choosing the right expert could make the difference between getting your lost data back or totally losing it. We take completely new and direct approach in USB data recovery, and with most of the failures caused by failed device, we go straight to the source of data storage. Flash memory chip contains all of the data, and with specialized tools data can be recreated just from that one chip. That tactic allows us to bypass any other source of problem on the printed circuit board for the USB stick that causing it to be undetected. No matter what type of failure your USB stick has experienced – our experts can help.


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